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Non HotFix FlatBack Nail Art

Non HotFix FlatBack Nail Art

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Why Choose Our Nail Art Glass Rhinestones?


Add an exciting spark to your nail art or garment decoration with our star-shaped Nail Art Glass Rhinestones. Not just any rhinestone, these are non-hotfix and flatback, specifically designed for ease and versatility of use. Their striking appearance makes a significant impact, whether used sparingly or in more generous quantities. You will undoubtedly appreciate their quality and the precision with which they were crafted.

Perfect for professional nail salons and DIY nail art lovers, our rhinestones are safe and non-toxic, so you'll never have to worry about skin reactions. But their use isn't limited to nails - these rhinestones make a beautiful addition to any garment decorations as well. Get imaginative and unique with your designs, and enjoy the outstanding results.
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