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Luminous Resin Pigment Set

Luminous Resin Pigment Set

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Color: 12pcs/grow in the dark

About the Luminous Resin Pigment Set

12pcs 1g Luminous Resin Pigment Set, Glow In The Dark Powder For Diy Resin Coloring, Nail Art And Fluorescent Resin Craft

Our Luminous Resin Pigment Set is the ultimate resource for all your nail art needs. Infused with vibrant colors, it allows you to express your creativity like never before. It's easy to apply and provides long-lasting luminosity, making it a must-have for every beauty kit.

But that’s not all. Not only do these pigments offer stunning luminosity, but they also promise supreme quality. Made with care, they are safe to use on all types of nails – natural or artificial. So, whether you are a nail art enthusiast, a professional nail artist, or a salon owner, this pigment set is perfect for you!

High quality and versatility make our Luminous Resin Pigment Set the best choice for nail art lovers and professionals. Get your hands on our pigment set and take your nail art game to the next level.

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