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2024 Summer Sets

2024 Summer Sets

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1 set-12 color

Experience Our 2024 Summer Sets - The Perfect Acrylic & Dipping Powder Solution

T|H EmpowerBeauty proudly presents a masterpiece, boasting an advanced, buttery-smooth, marble-free chemical formula. This marks the pinnacle of an acrylic line designed to support nail technicians across all skill levels. Unleash outstanding performance and attain perfection with every application. Elevate your artistic prowess with the innovation of EmpowerBeauty. 
Please be aware that swatch images may differ for every deviceIntroducing 12 new stunning colors for 2024, perfect for making your summer stand out even more.

Our 2024 Summer Sets are the perfect addition to your beauty routine. These Acrylic & Dipping Powder Sets offer a vibrant and beautiful finish, suitable for professional salons or home use. They're long-lasting, easy to apply, and come in a range of stunning summer colors.

Experience the high-quality of our product, designed to deliver a smooth and even application every time. They're perfect for creating stunning summer-ready nails. Available in a variety of shades, there's something for every style and every mood. Don't settle for less this summer season.

So why wait? Update your nail salon or beauty kit with our exclusive 2024 Summer Sets now! Invest in quality with our Acrylic & Dipping Powder Sets, and create beautiful summer-ready nails every time. Shop now for the perfect summer set, and experience the difference of high-quality nail products today!

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