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Rainbow Collection

Rainbow Collection

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1 set-7 color

Experience the Beauty of our Rainbow Collection: Acrylic & Dipping Powder

In the world of nail beautification, nothing raises the bar like our Rainbow Collection. Designed for enthusiasts and professionals alike, this collection is a game-changer in the world of manicure and pedicure. The Rainbow Collection features a stunning array of vibrant colors, intended to provide your nails with that sophisticated look while also nourishing and strengthening them.

Our Rainbow Collection Acrylic powders pave the way for spellbinding nail works of art. Changing the game in terms of quality and texture, this collection offers a fine blend of acrylic powders in multiple shades creating a rich fusion of colors. This sets the stage for innovative nail designs, providing you with the leeway to add a personalized touch to your nail care routine.

Going beyond our unrivaled acrylic powders, our Dipping Powder from the Rainbow Collection is just as breathtaking. Designed to be resistant to chipping and peeling, it provides a long-lasting color effect. Coupled with its ease of application, it’s an absolute must-have if you're looking to project a bold fashion statement through your nails. Experience the beauty of our Rainbow Collection today!

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